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  • Single camera 720P
  • Dual camera 720P
  • Dual camera 1080P
  • Dual camera 4K


  • 1 Extra Battery
  • 2 Extra Battery
  • 3 Extra Battery
  • 4 Extra Battery
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  • Image following, adding filters, creative video-MV breaks the limitations of traditional aerial photography After clicking the MV button in the upper left corner of the screen on the control page, enter the MV interface, You can add background music to the recorded video.


  • Intelli-Gesture
    With gesture interaction, you can take stunning aerial selfies, using Drone recognizes each pose as a specific command and will follow your instructions, moving forward and backward, side to side, and taking photos.


  • 4K high-definition wide-angle shooting effect, framing is safer and more convenient. In shooting high-definition video, you can use 50x optical zoom without risking. You can get a unique perspective and sense of speed when flying close. It is safer and can be achieved at long distances.




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  • K

    October 15, 2019

     This drone is very fun and easy to use. Assembling it was very easy and although the manual is not very useful it is very intuitive and really easy to adapt to the controls.
    The drone comes with spare parts and also protective hoops that are very useful if you are a novice on the flight like me.
    After putting it together and several tests inside the house I was able to try it outside and had a lot of fun.
    The quality of the video and photo are not very good but for the price it is a great deal.
    The app is very easy to use and can be used to control the drone. I have an IPhone 11 and it was very easy for me to mount my phone on a special rack that is built into the control. Once you connect to the drone Wi-Fi you are ready to control your new toy from the phone or if you prefer you can use your phone only to control the images.

    The drone's battery lasts approximately 20 minutes and you will have to charge it again.

    The drone control is equipped with a take-off button that greatly facilitates the start of the flight and also has a button to regulate the speed and another that allows to send a signal for the drone to return to the place of departure.

    If you are a beginner like me and just want to have fun while experimenting with the drone, you will not regret buying the drone.

  • S

    November 6, 2019

    For anyone looking to get a beginner drone, this is a great option. I own a high-end drone from one of the big names out there and i also have flown $20 drones. I'll do a little compare and contrast for you:
    - VERY affordable!!
    - Super easy to get setup. I was up and flying within a couple minutes. Took several DAYS of research and navigating through the directions and the app to feel like I was ready to fly my high-end drone.
    - App is easy to use. Had the app configured, streaming the video feed to my phone right out of the gate. Took me about 3 hours to get the app working on my high-end drone which was very frustrating.
    - Does a good job of hovering in place. It doesnt have GPS, so dont expect this thing to sit perfectly still in the air for 30 minutes straight. But if you take the 30 seconds to calibrate the device like the directions say, you'll be in good shape. I've flown $20 drones and without even touching the toggle, the thing flew straight for my head and into the side of the house. This drone is night and day better than those cheapies!
    - The built in phone holder at the top of the controller is a welcome change from the big guys who place theirs at the bottom. Makes so much more sense to have at the top!
    - comes with propeller guards! The first time i flew this drone, i was dumb and flew when it was super windy. I tried to stop the drone, but the wind carried it further than i was anticipating and it hit a tree. Not even a scratch on the drone or any damage to the propellers. It bounced off the tree and lived to fly another day!
    - super light, so no need to register with the FAA!

    - no stabilizing gimbal for the video. For the price point, kind of what you expect though. Those gimbals by themselves cost more than the drone does.
    - camera cant be directed. It basically points forward, the end. It's locked into one angle.
    - only 720p video. again, at the price point, i guess this is to be expected, but nowadays, i dont think a 108op camera is that much pricier to source than 720p is.
    - no gps as mentioned earlier. I'll say it again, kind of to be expected at this price. But the repercussions of no GPS is that there is no auto "return to home" mode to bring the drone back to where it started, stabilization is good, but not great, and do not for even a second, fly the drone out of your line of sight. There is no way to see it on a map or anything like that to bring it home safely.
    - super light...i know i put this as a pro, but on the con side of things, any winds over a dull breeze will send this thing all over the place! make sure the air is fairly still before going for a fly!

    - great beginner drone, much better than other beginner drones I've flown over the years that nearly killed me or crashed themselves into a tree or building within minutes. But keep in mind its not going to compete with the $500-$1200 drones. You are foolish if you think it will. It doesn't advertise itself to compete with them and its not priced to be on their level. For the price, its an excellent value, packed with basic features that should be included at this price. Great place to get your feet wet in the world of drones!

  • M

    October 26, 2019

    I wanted to get this review out with some initial impressions. There are still a lot of things I will be trying out with this product after I've had more time, but I had so much fun with this drone. I had never tried any flying RC before, but on my first attempt in the bedroom I was able to take off, maneuver out the door, down the hall, past the family room and into the kitchen (before I hit the fridge :-) )

    What I like:
    * It calibrates and maintains position pretty well.
    * It has a built in camera. can record pic or video to memory card or smart phone.
    * You can use either/both the controller or the smartphone to maneuver the drone or take pics/video.
    * Super compact design.
    * Optional bumpers to protect the blades. (beginners like me need this!)
    * Awesome features: Auto take-off/landing, barrel-roll stunts, headless mode.

    I can't wait to try out the VR and other features. I'll update review and add better pics/video when I get a chance.

    Disclaimer: I was reimbursed for reviewing this drone. I still think it’s great so far and hope to add some better video when I get to take it out more.

  • T

    December 15, 2019

    I lost the drone in 5 minutes after using for the first time. I don't blame the company for that part but it's not an easy product to use and the company does a por job when giving the instructions. For instance, the app has a low review on the app store and the instruction manual doesn't say what is the official app. You need to download through a QR code. There are baby steps when flying a drone for the first time and the company doesn't mention any of them. For instance, dont insert a memory card while practicing. Or first connect the drone to the app so it's easier to find it through geo location. Or how do you make the drone come back in case of an emergency.
    Having said that, the product seems of a good quality and I wish I could have spent more time playing with it.

  • J

    November 12, 2019

    X900 is the best drone I've ever used.It was always hard to keep level height on other drones, you had to constantly adjust the power to keep them hovering in the air. The X900 has a 1 button hover and it actually works! I'm not sure if it's due to better calibration or sensors but this drone is VERY easy to fly and stable. It doesn't move when it's not supposed to and it stays constant height when you leave it alone. It's so easy to control, my kids are flying this around whereas their other drones they constantly crashed into stuff. If you're a first time drone user, this drone will make your life easier.

    This is a headless drone and I've used it a few times but have to get used to it. I kinda don't "get" what's better about headless mode but if you are controlling it from your phone, it gives you a "pilot" level of control and point of view.

    There is a phone app you can use to see live feed from the X900 as well as control it. It uses a wifi connection to the drone, which is pretty sweet. You can take pictures and it saves right on the phone or you can add an sdcard and it will save everything. Connecting everything was pretty easy with no issue on my Galaxy s10+.

    Finally, I love the foldup feature. All the arms and legs fold into the body to make this very compact to carry around. It's about the size of a sun glass case. This makes it easy to take it to the park and back without much hassle and I won't freak out if my kids rough handle it.

  • T

    December 15, 2019

    I got this drone as a gift for Christmas and absolutely love it. This is a great entry level drone. Great for getting a taste of the world of flying drones. The operation is very smooth considering how little it costs. In the years past, I've had an RC helicopter (super hard to fly) another entry level drone (no stabilizing technology), and now this. My oh my, how technology has come. The drone is very stable to small gusts and has a pretty good altitude hold. The FPV video quality is pretty good, not DJI level, but really fun to have when flying around corners and such. The camera performs pretty well especially when taking pictures of a sunset! Beware though, there is about a 0.5 second lag on the video feed so I do recommend keeping it within line of sight if flying close to obstacles. The video feed seems to drop after about 200ft or so. My favorite part is that the drone is super portable and folds down really small so you can take it out and fly it when you're on hikes and such! Beware of your local park's drone rules though, you can get fined for flying drones where you're not supposed to!

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